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'If you can't remember the lifes you lived you can not change them.'

Travel back and forward in time in order to discover what happened and what was that destroyed everything you knew. Solve puzzles and keep moving because time haunts you.

In Project Echo's gameplay screen you can see 2 realities. Walk your way and interact with the world you knew and the one you wish never happened.

PS: This was a little project I did with 4 friends. It is our first videogame (to be honest it is just one playable level and a second you can only walk around) and we are very proud of it. 

Developers involved:

Jorge Barrado González

Alejandro Fernandez

Iván Montejo Garcini

Hector Gutierrez de San Sebastián

Alberto Rodriguez

We hope you enjoy playing as much as we did making it. 

Install instructions

It is very easy to play. You have to download the .rar file. Once you do, uncompress it and you will have 2 elements: a folder and a .exe application. Place both elements in a folder and click the .exe one. Choose resolution an click play. Enjoy :D


ProjectEchoBuild1.1.0.zip 121 MB

Development log

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